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MONEY-SAVING PRODUCTS HVAC FIXES The WeatherExpert line boasts Integrated Energy Efficiency Ratio (IEER) ratings up to 21.0, which exceed the Consortium of Energy Efficiency (CEE) Tier II performance criteria used by many utilities for rebates. The product line also meets or exceeds all current ASHRAE 90.1-2010 and ENERGY STAR requirements. Available in gas/electric, electric/electric, or cooling only. Offered with a range of factory options, such as energy-efficient air economizers, smoke detectors, and much more. WEATHEREXPERT by CARRIER. Circle 256. HF W E’R E I M PR OV I N G T H E SCIENCE O F S A F E T Y. Made from The Lubrizol Corporation’s superior CPVC compounds, BlazeMaster ® Fire Sprinkler Systems are keeping people safer all over the world. BlazeMaster systems are Listed and Approved for more applications than any other non-metallic system and have the industry’s highest pipe and fitting cell classes. Plus, BlazeMaster systems have delivered MORE INSIDE ™ for more than 30 years—giving you access to Lubrizol’s unmatched R&D, technical expertise, global capabilities and a network of customers who are industry-leading manufacturers. Put the science of safety to work on your next project. Visit or call a piping systems consultant at 1.855.735.1431. PACSlim-5 is a 5-ton portable heat pump that delivers 57,100 BTU/hr cooling capacity and 55,700 BTU/hr heating capacity. Less than 30-inches wide, the unit can fit in narrow spaces. Can be used as a: ■ ■ Portable cooling unit ■ ■ Cooler with electric resistive heat ■ ■ Conventional heat pump ■ ■ Heat pump with auxiliary electric heat The unit features a heavy-duty steel cabinet on lockable casters for easy transport. Can be used in indoor and outdoor applications. PACSLIM-5 by ATLAS SALES & RENTALS. Circle 257. The M50 uses heat and mass exchange (HMX) technology in a versatile casing that’s stackable side-by-side to increase cooling power. It’s durable, easy to install and main- tain, and reduces carbon footprints. Produces energy savings of up to 90% compared to conventional systems. Air is drawn in with a fan, cleaned by filters, and then half of it is returned to the atmosphere carrying heat energy removed from the conditioned air to cool the facility. M50 by COOLERADO. Circle 258. continued Follow us on Twitter @LZ_CPVC © 2014 The Lubrizol Corporation, all rights reserved. All marks are the property of The Lubrizol Corporation. The Lubrizol Corporation is a Berkshire Hathaway company. GC 121276 64 FREE INFO: Circle 135 on Reader Service card or